A few too many stairs, but there’s also a fridge near the dock… so we were able to avoid hiking just to fetch beer!

Last year was soooo long. Between vacations, I mean. From our Malaysia/HongKong trip in January 2012 to our Hawaii/Fiji trip of January 2013, we really had no break from the daily grind.

Oh, there was a long weekend here and there, but we both worked straight through the summer of 2012 to save up our vacation time for the winter getaway.

That’s not our routine. Usually we take a week off in the summer and rent a cottage with our friends G&C. It had been our tradition for about 3 or four years… until 2012. That year, the cottage we used to rent (the best cottage in the world because it had an outdoor cedar shower stall that was perfect, even in the cool fall weather!) went off the rental market. The owners retired and wanted to keep it all for themselves.

Greedy bastards.

We tried finding another place to rent that summer, but by the time we got around to it, all the good places were already taken. We were too slow off the mark! So we resigned ourselves to save up our holidays instead.

We were thankful for the extra leave when it came time for Hawaii/Fiji, but holy smokes it was a long slog waiting for that vacation to start!

Our customary week off in the summer really does make a big difference, and we committed ourselves to finding a place to rent THIS summer. Well, actually it was C and G who did all the leg work, but we were happy to ride their coattails and split the costs with them once they identified a property.

And that’s where I’m writing this blog post… from the cottage we rented in Lac Ste-Marie, QC. It’s really a nice place. The lake is clean and warm. The house is in good shape with lots of space. Cell reception sucks and there could be a few more ceiling fans, but all in all it’s a pretty ideal spot, only about an hour from home!

We may or may not make this our regular haunt, but for this year, it’s ideal. And hopefully the week off will help re-energize us before we start thinking about our next big winter getaway.

Check out the photos from our rental cottage.

The dock was long enough that we could get in the water without touching bottom; pretty much a requirement for our cottage rentals nowadays.


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