Yes, it's healthier than soda pop, but the salt content is atrocious! Homemade is better, and with so many more flavour options.

Yes, it’s healthier than soda pop, but the salt content is atrocious! Homemade is better, and with so many more flavour options.

Years ago, for Christmas, my sister gave us a juicer. We had asked for it because, at the time, we were going through a smoothie phase and thought juices might be the next logical progression.

Sadly, it was not to be. We used it a few times, but it always seemed wasteful to discard the pulp of half a dozen apples just for a glass of juice! So we promptly buried it in the basement to keep our limited kitchen-counter space uncluttered. And there it sat, lonely and forgotten, until about a month ago.

Around the start of August, a couple of events transpired to change the fate of our old juicer.

First, Junkii started scouring Netflix for documentaries on food and nutrition. He was taken with one in particular that explored how western society has moved toward nutrient-deficient diets and some of the foods that could help us improve what we eat. Vegetable juices were high on that list.

Second, our CSA – the weekly box of fresh, local veggies we get from a farmer near Ottawa – was leaving little room for anything else in our crisper. We had various family members visit us for a couple of weeks in August and, consequently, less time to prepare our own meals. So the produce was piling up in the fridge. Plus one of our fellow CSA members was on holidays and we were getting their batch of veggies each week. That’s a lot of carrots and cucumbers for two guys to eat!

So we dug out the juicer and gave it a whirl (literally… the thing sounds like a jet engine). It wasn’t long before our supply of carrots and cucumber dwindled. We threw in some fruit from Costco – oranges, apples – to help add a bit of acid to the mix (who knew carrot juice was so sweet?!) but the veggie juice was even better than I’d expected.

We were even able to use the juicer to clean up our chard supplies (Not entirely… you can only use so much chard in a glass of juice, and there’s always SOOO much chard in our CSA box!) which is great because that stuff takes up a lot of refrigerator real estate.

The whole process has had a positive impact on my snacking habits. I find a glass of veggie juice at the end of the evening before bed makes a good late-night snack. It’s fresh, nutritious, hydrating, low-sodium, low-fat, and fills me up just enough to make my food cravings disappear until I get to sleep.

You can do it on the cheap too; it’s a good way to use fruits and veggies you might find in the “reduced” section of the grocery store produce section (although you’ll want to make sure you use those the day you buy them!)

Whatever the process, it’s certainly better than scarfing down a bag of chips or a couple of chocolate chip cookies!

So the juicer has moved back upstairs and it getting more action than it’s seen in years. Once the CSA ends for the year later in October, we may have to bump up our Costco produce runs to keep up our supply of carrots. This is one diet change I’d like to maintain.


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  1. Alexa Clark says:

    My favourite – carrot, apple, ginger juice. Makes me happy every time.

  2. Cin says:

    Yes, carrot, apple and ginger is a nice mix. Lemon is a good add, helps with weight loss. I’m like you, so-so with ginger… but I don’t mind it, so I add ginger to take advantage of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, helps speed recovery after work-outs and injuries. I didn’t have any apples left in the fridge this morning, so I had a carrot – ginger blend… refreshing and helps balance the american grease :p

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