Our winter trip has been in flux for some time.

We had initially hoped to do three weeks in Brazil, but money woes made that look like it might have to wait for at least a year… probably two. Brazil ain’t cheap!

But we weren’t willing to forego a winter getaway altogether. We considered making a return trip to Malaysia, with the hope of seeing East Malaysia for the first time. We considered a trip to India – which is big enough that we’re gonna have to do it over the course of at least two trips; no time like the present to start, though. We even considered an all-inclusive resort option, but we’re still not keen. It always seems like such a cop out; like we’re not willing to put in the effort to plan our own trip!

Dad and I relaxing on the deck.

Dad and I relaxing on the deck.

Anyway, this was the decision we were facing when my Father and my Stepmother Louise came for a visit at the beginning of August. We had a great visit – I got help on a few quick fix-it projects around the house, we enjoyed a few good meals together, and we generally spent the time relaxing together on our deck and just catching up. It was nice and relaxed.

So when Dad proposed that Junkii and I visit New Brunswick at Christmas, we were genuinely intrigued… We hadn’t been to NB for Xmas in years. We had no real winter getaway plan yet, and Dad even offered to pay for our flights. (Score!)

Would NB be the only travel we’d get to do this winter?! We were beginning to worry about that when another offer fell into our lap.

What's in Namibia, you ask? Well, the Namib Desert sand dunes for one thing. Who wouldn't want to see this?!

What’s in Namibia, you ask? Well, the Namib Desert sand dunes for one thing. Who wouldn’t want to see this?!

Our friend J had been doing some travel planning on her own. She was making plans to go to South Africa, Namibia, and Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe/Zambia) on her own in October – but she offered to postpone her trip if we wanted to come with her. We could make it our winter getaway.

Hmmm. N.B. …South Africa… N.B. …South AFRICA… N.B. …SOUTH AFRICA!!

Yeah… pretty sure you can figure out our current plans. We’ve already bought our airline tix – on KLM via Amsterdam – and started the tour planning process.

And ohhh yes. In Cape Town we WILL see penguins (fingers crossed!)

And ohhh yes. In Cape Town we WILL see penguins (fingers crossed!)

This will actually be my FOURTH trip to Africa (Junkii’s second) and we’re pretty excited!

Gotta say, we’re truly blessed – not only to have these kinds of opportunities in life, but also to have family that loves us and wants to spend time with us so much their willing to fly us places! Not this time, though. Sorry, Dad and Louise. We’ll just have to wait for our next get-together. Maybe Junkii and I can take a N.B. road trip next summer!


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