Rottenecards_9526124_xm2zr85bjsI love my bed.

This is nothing new, it’s a great bed; has been since we bought it about 8 years ago. It was the first bed we got that wasn’t firm – and it changed my life. Soooo comfortable…especially compared to the years I had wasted on firm mattresses. Magic words: pillow top.

More specifically, though, I love my bed in the morning.

Oh, the bed is fine at night, too. I can fall asleep without any trouble, but it’s also comfortable for just reading or playing games on the iPad – so much so that I’m often too late turning out my light. At night my bed works against me getting a full 8-hour sleep.

But it’s best in the morning. It’s divine. When I wake up (maybe even get up to pee) then crawl back into a warm bed and fall back asleep? That’s the best. Those are the days I wake feeling the most rested.

Sadly, that only happens on weekends; and then, only if I’m lucky. The weekday routine involves being jolted rudely awake by a cold and uncaring bit of technology before having to roll out of bed without any time to enjoy a final snuggle in the cozy sheets and soft pillows.


Why does work always get in the way of life’s little pleasures?


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  1. dderbydave says:

    Excellent piece.
    Our mattress is long overdue being replaced. I’m sure it’s adding to my backache.

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