We'll make it up to you in a few months... if we don't forget.

We’ll make it up to you in a few months… if we don’t forget.

We’ve been vacillating on whether to throw a wig party this year. We’re both on the fence about it, and we’ve taken turns arguing the pros and cons. It looks something like this:

“Let’s do it! It’ll be fun. We’ll get to see all our friends! Woot Woot!”
“No, be practical, doofus. We can’t afford it right now. We’re poor and we need to save money for our upcoming winter trip.”
“Screw that! You know you love dressing up in silly costumes… When else do you have that opportunity?! Plus, you know that you DO have a really good wig idea this year!”
“That idea will keep. Look! We’ve done 6 of these parties and you know how hard it is to come up with ideas for gag gifts and jokes at this point? We should put this baby to bed.”
“But people will be expecting it! Plus we’ve already hinted that we’re gonna do it.”
“But we haven’t even prepared a poster yet, let alone told anyone to save the date. It’s only two weeks away! It’s too late. Abort. ABORT!”

So what’s the verdict? Sadly, we landed on “No,” and we’re torn up about it. Wig party has been our baby (with all due props to Jeff P, the originator of the idea). It’s no exaggeration to say this feels a bit like a break-up. Two years ago, we skipped the wig party and we missed the fun of hanging with all our groups of friends so much that we had to hold a bash for my 40th birthday just to get our friend-fix. You just know we’re gonna miss it again this year… but it’s just not to be.

Aside from all the other reasons, wig party weekend would fall just after the BodyStep release week. Now that Junkii is a fitness instructor, that basically means he’s gonna be crazy busy already. Adding party planning and prep on top of that would just be a recipe for disaster. Still, because we know we’re gonna miss it, we’re definitely planning another shindig in the coming months. Maybe not a Christmas party, but something soon… a big, themed bash. Whatever it is, we’ve got a few months to figure it out.

Oooh, how about a masquerade of some sort in the spring?! That’d be a fun excuse to play dress-up!


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