Yeah... I don't think that's gonna be a problem, warning sticker.

Yeah… I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem, warning sticker.

Beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep… this is what I hear all day. It’s what I wake up to in the morning. It’s what I hear out my office window.

I’m stuck in construction hell, and I can’t get away! There’s a new condo development going up a block away from our bedroom, and construction starts before the alarm goes off in the morning. What a lovely way to wake up. 😛

And then I get to work, hoping to put some distance between the noise and myself, and Queen street is completely torn up. It will be for the next few years, probably. And with backhoes perpetually moving bits of stone and dirt around, the reverse alerts are pretty much constant.

Well… not constant. If it were actually constant, it would probably fade into the background after a while. “Intermittent and frequent” would be more apt. Just right so that you notice it every $%&#@ time it happens.

I get that the beeper is an important safety tool, but honestly, does the sound have to be so loud that I can hear it clear as day seven storeys up? The purpose is to prevent people in the immediate vicinity from stepping or driving behind a reversing vehicle. I don’t think people inside the building need to worry about getting hit. The sound really doesn’t need to alert the entire community that a truck is backing up!

I wish they would turn these blasted things down a touch, and maybe put some limits on how loud they can be. But then, of course, I just know that some idiot with noise-cancelling headphones will walk blindly through a construction zone and get hit, there’ll be a massive lawsuit, and the powers that be will crank the alerts up louder than ever.

Sigh. Why do a few idiots have to ruin my perfectly peaceful days?

At least at home, the heavy equipment will probably only be on site for a few months. Of course then the hammering will start…


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  1. Meei says:

    Just so you feel better: Construction people work in noisy environments. So they wear ear muffs. if they don’t they are soon hard of hearing. Both situations warrant that the beeps be loud …… Also they COULD mute the beep but if somebody dies you compaint …. hmmm … Feeling better ? 😛

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I suppose it WOULD be worse if I had to work in it. Thanks, Meei! BTW, Junkii tells me I’ve blogged about this before. I don’t remember. Gonna have to go check the records 🙂

  2. dderbydave says:

    In England we don’t just have the beeps. Now we have “warning! This vehicle us reversing! Warning! …..” Over and over.
    At work we have chiller rooms with voice alarms too. So a door left open initiates “please close the door, please close the door …..” .. But she does say “thank you ” when you oblige her.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Oh dear. That would be even more annoying. Maybe I should just pretend that ours are talking to us but using foul language and being censored by the television people. That might at least make it more amusing.

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