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I’ve been sick since May 8!

22 days is too long to suffer a head and chest cold. This one started in my throat, moved up to my sinuses and then lodged in my chest for a couple of weeks before migrating back to my throat and sinuses. Most head colds come and go within about a nine-day period: three days coming, three days here, three days going. So why the hell am I still suffering?

I swear, I’m single-handedly keeping the tissue industry employed. I’ve produced enough snot, mucous and phlegm to fill a bathtub. I’m tired. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired of sneezing. I’m tired of blowing my nose. But I know a virus is something that just has to run its course. So I’ve suffered in good-humoured silence.

Until Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I awoke to two new symptoms: a sore throat that felt like it was about to turn into an ear infection, and enough discharge from my left eye indicate the presence of an infection. And I thought to myself “Score! An infection means I can get antibiotics!” So I went to my clinic thinking I’d be feeling right as rain by the time I went to bed that night.


The doctor looked me over. Listened to my lungs. Checked my ears and eyes. Then she looked me straight in the face and, without a trace of mirth, she said “No antibiotics for you.”

I was heartbroken.

She said it’s probably still viral. She advised me to drink water, sleep, wash my eyes, keep my hands clean, and take Advil – but she absolutely refused me antibiotics.

Bitch. (Okay, that’s harsh. She was actually quite nice. Still…bitch.)

To add insult to injury, she left me with this little nugget of joy: “the weepy eye will probably switch to your right eye before it gets better.” Great. Something to look forward to.

And yes, it did switch on Wednesday, but at least the eye troubles seem to have cleared up (mostly). I feel like I’m on the mend, but I swear to god this is the slowest moving cold ever. All I can say is I’m due for a protracted period of being healthy after this bout. I flat out refuse to be sick again until at least Thanksgiving. Sadly, with my luck, I’ll probably get sick again just in time for our planned summer cottage rental week. Joy.


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  1. dderbydave says:

    Hope you stay well once you get over this. Amazing that this sort of bug persists with all the advances in medicine.

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