Blogging about work is generally off-limits for me. I figure there’s a good chance I might write something unintentionally inappropriate and get myself booted. And I like it there far too much to risk it for the sake of a couple of Facebook likes and a comment or two.

The few times I HAVE blogged about work, I’ve been so paranoid that I password-protected the posts and NO ONE saw them! So generally I just avoid it as a subject.

But sometimes one is thrust into the limelight and there’s very little one can do but revel in it – even in blog form.

Over the last few months, in my new role with the City of Ottawa, I’ve been exploring my cinematic side. I was selected to take part in the latest campaign to promote the City’s green bin program. You’ll recognize me as the featured performer in this new City video on YouTube!

What, don’t you recognize me? Ugh. I feel slighted. Those are clearly my hands!

Seriously though, it IS me, but the work wasn’t exactly glamourous. Playing with food waste is kinda gross. And with all the re-shoots, I had to spend time on three separate days to get the footage for this video! Three days of playing with garbage. blech!

Thankfully, with the help of the City’s photographer and my colleague in social media who produced the video, the end result turned out to be quirky and cute.

…and of course my hands look fabulous!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 7.13.45 AM


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