Earworm Wednesday

Back in the early ’90s I had three favorite female singers: Tori Amos, Loreena McKennitt, and Sarah McLachlan. My tastes have changed, but I still love now the albums and the songs by those three artists that I loved back then.

And yet I don’t still love those artists.

  • Tori Amos is the Exception. She still produces some great music. Her last Album (Night of Hunters) takes music by classical composers and rearranges them into new songs. And her latest album Unrepentant Geraldines) is one of her strongest in years.
  • Loreena McKennitt became a bit too new-agey for my liking and I just stopped paying attention.
  • As for Sarah McLachlan, her story is more tragic. Her records were brilliant right up through Fumbling toward Ecstasy. I assumed I’d be listening to her forever. But then came Surfacing and it all fell apart.
  • I found the surfacing album to be unremarkable at best, draggy at worst. I bought the album without listening to it, assuming it would brilliant, but I was sorely disappointed. Other than the song “Building a Mystery” it seemed like each track was slower and whinier than the last.

    “Angel” was one of the worst offenders – so saccharine. I’m bitter at just how ubiquitous that song has become when I know she can do so much better.

    The album was considered a breakthrough album for her and she built a huge fan base from it, particularly in the US. And all I could ever think was how that meant she would probably never go back to producing music like the songs she had on her first three albums.

    I basically wrote her off after that album and have never gone back to hear her newer stuff. Maybe I should, now that I have Spotify. In any case, one of the worst offenders on the Surfacing album was the song “Adia.” So whiney and heavy. I’ve always hated it.

    So why did I wake up with it stuck in my head this morning?!



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