Gay wedding – right down to the cake topper!

My idea of gay weddings has definitely been skewed by a lifetime spent watching TV and movies. It just seems like any time you see a Hollywood gay wedding, it’s replete with drag queens, disco music, shirtless hotties, and Broadway legends – because, let’s face it, those things are quintessentially, stereotypically gay. Nothing screams “GAY” like a drag queen dressed as Liza Minnelli singing Enough is Enough with two built background dancers, right?

Of course, Hollywood also frequently puts underemployed 20-somethings into huge Manhattan loft apartments, so I suppose those depictions can be taken with a grain of salt.

Our first gay wedding experience (and I’m talking gay-male wedding, because we also had our first lesbian wedding earlier this year…even if I now realize I didn’t write about it. Dammit!) didn’t quite pass the Hollywood litmus test – but they sure gave it a shot.

Single Ladies - with no ACTUAL ladies performing.

Single Ladies – with no ACTUAL ladies performing.

And it DID have a drag queen!

Nigel and Jeff got married in Rochester, NY at the end of august, and the entire evening – from ceremony to after party – was carefully calculated to keep their guests in suspense about what bit of entertainment would be coming up next.

The ceremony featured not one but TWO brilliant performances by soloists from the Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus (Jeff is a member). An arrangement of John Legend’s All of Me was a nice little tearjerker halfway through the service, and a pared down version of American Authors’ Best Day of my Life made for a nice happy ending as they wrapped up the secular service.

But while the service was ending, the show was far from over.

First dance was a lovely little ballroom number...

First dance was a lovely little ballroom number…

The EmCee for the evening was a local drag queen named Samantha Vega, and she entertained throughout the evening with three full-on performances over the course of the night. It was a great way to give people a break from the dance floor (which was otherwise hopping all evening after Nigel and Jeff started things off with a brilliantly choreographed first dance).

The two husbands weren’t done performing either. They surprised the assembled guests taking on the role of backup dancers in Samantha’s performance of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. The trio brought down the house by re-enacting the music video brilliantly.

In between all this, the DJ kept the party going as late as he could, but even then when things broke up around midnight, the party didn’t stop. Our hosts had arranged for a little after-party at the hotel to help guests wind down after a fantastic celebration.

While it didn’t have the glitz of a Hollywood wedding, our first gay wedding delivered in spades with a fun evening full of surprises.

Congratulations, Nigel and Jeff! The next gay wedding is gonna have a lot to live up to. (Hmmm… will that be ours?)

They look just like the cake topper! Their sisters both took part in the ceremony – so lovely.

Apres-danse, ties appropriately loosened.

We have lots of friends in common with Nigel…it was a nice opportunity to get together with Ottawa friends like Stephen and far-off friends we hadn’t seen in ages, like Jeanette.

More longtime friends: Our fellow travelers, Krista and Steve!

Another view of the cake-topper. I think the dark-haired one is about to grab the other one’s butt.


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