Since I’m on the topic of scents I like, I thought I’d keep it going.

You know what’s disgusting? Cigarette smoke. Not only does it stink, but it’s just so damned potent. I swear, you can’t come within 100 feet of someone smoking on the sidewalk and not get a little in your nose. And like I said beofre, my sense of smell is blunted. I’d hate to think what it must be like to someone with a keen nose.

Nope. Tobacco smoke is gross. With one beautiful exception: pipe smoke.

On foot, I’ll do anything I can to get past a cigarette smoker just so I don’t have to be downwind of that stank. But when I spot a pipe smoker, watch out. I will literally draft in behind that fellow just to get a few extra whiffs of that amazing, rounded, floral, gorgeous smell.

Of course it doesn’t happen very often. These days, pipe smokers are few and far between. When it happens though… mmmm, it’s wonderful.

I assume my love for pipe tobacco smoke comes in part from my grandfather – really the only pipe smoker I ever knew. Could it be that an early exposure to pipe smoke instilled the love of the scent in me? Seems unlikely. My mom smoked cigarettes for years, from before I was born and into my early teens. And I’ve been pretty clear how vile I think cigarette smoke is.

Cigarette smoke is to the nose what the sound of a vacuum cleaner is to the ear. Disgusting, bothersome, and unwanted.

But pipe smoke? Pipe smoke is a Beethoven sonata. Oh I’m tempted to take up the habit myself just thinking about it.

Don’t worry. I know the health risks are way to severe to offset that brief bit of pleasure. But I sure wish I could find an incense that smells like pipe tobacco.

I’d be all over that.

UPDATE: A quick google search has revealed that pipe-tobacco incense is a thing. So, there goes more of my hard-earned cash.



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