Nearest thing I could find on the interwebs because I  didn't actually snap a photo of the real  pursecart.

Nearest thing I could find on the interwebs because I didn’t actually snap a photo of the real pursecart.

Earlier this week I took an evening trip to Costco. Because I can’t stand the Costco crowds, it was late in the evening – about 30 minutes before closing. But I had made a list and knew exactly what I wanted.

Of course, Costco doesn’t cooperate with lists. There are always interesting discoveries at the end of every aisle and, as I made my way through the store, I picked up a few things that weren’t on my list. But once I got to the produce section, I was back on track.

I left my cart and wandered a few metres away to pick up a package of cucumbers…and upon turning back, my cart had disappeared!!

Not only disappeared – it had been replaced by a cart with nothing else inside but a lady’s purse. More specifically, what I would deem an old-lady purse.

“Great,” I thought. “The one day I’m in a rush and someone has wandered off with my cart. Oh well, they can’ thane gone far.”

I took a quick scan of the area and, not seeing my cart, I did a quick walk through the area, enlarging my search parameters and quickening my pace as I realized the person who took my cart must have been very fleet of foot indeed.

I couldn’t find my cart anywhere!!

As business hours were quickly coming to an end, I was faced with a decision: Keep up the search or abandon it and restart my shopping with a new cart (and try to remember which non-list goodies I had picked up already).

As I returned to the abandoned purse-cart, a Costco employee was walking by with an empty cart. I quickly told her what was going on and that I thought someone had abandoned the purse. She really didn’t seem interested and kind of gave me a “what do you want me to do about it” face.

I was a little distressed that she didn’t feel any sort of ownership for the abandoned purse, but she offered me her empty cart, so the decision was made for me: I would restart.

I headed back to the store entrance to begin my course once again. I was able to recreate my experience without incident and get out before closing…although the purse was still in the same place when I got back to the produce section. Where did its owner go?!

Oh well. It all worked out fine for me. But it wasn’t until after I got home that I gave it some more thought. I had a moment of real panic: Had I been the one who took the wrong cart without noticing? Maybe I was a purse thief!!

Could it be? Had I left some poor, old lady purseless?

I retraced my steps, feeling guiltier by the second. I know that the last stop before produce had been to pick up a new pair of shoes after a quick browse-sweep through the clothing section. I know this because I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they even HAD men’s walking shoes – an item I was in desperate need of.

And I know that I left the shoe area immediately after I finished picking out my pair. So if I had taken the wrong cart, at the very least there would have been a pair of shoes in addition to the purse.

The shoes were notably absent from the purse-cart, so I concluded that the fault was not my own.

I’m still left scratching my head though. How does someone take the wrong cart when the ONLY thing they had in their cart was a purse?

I suppose I’ll be eternally miffed.

I figure the culprit was either an elderly speed-walker suffering from dementia or an overzealous Costco employee who decided to put away the items in an “abandoned” cart.

What do you think of my detective work?


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  1. dderbydave says:

    the latter, though in my store we do have folk who wander off with the wrong trolley.
    how and why is a mystery to me.

  2. Pat U says:

    I think an overzealous employee took your cart.

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