Earworm WednesdayLook, it’s not that I haven’t had an earworm in the last few months. I have. It’s just that, since October, it has pretty much been the same album of music that’s been boring its way into my brain: The original Cast Recording of Hamilton.

It’s been there since last October – when I saw the show on Broadway. I’ve been obsessing about it ever since.

Now, if your first reaction to me saying “Broadway” or “musical” is to close this window and go on your merry way, give me a minute. This is no ordinary musical. This changes the game by incorporating hip hop, R&B, pop, rap, and a host of other modern genres and using them to tell the story of one of America’s founding fathers.

I know… it still sounds dull – even the show’s creators say it’s hard to sell the show by description alone – but seriously, if you haven’t heard about it yet, do yourself a favour and listen to the album from start to finish. It will change your life. (and it’s a sung-through musical so you should be mostly able to understand what’s going on, even without the staging.)

Put simply, Hamilton is the most incredible musical ever. I can’t stress enough how well crafted it is – from the music to the lyrics, from the staging to the performances.

Ever since I was lucky enough to attend a performance, most of my music time has been spent learning these songs and obsessing over the show – teaching myself the lyrics and learning how to rap!

So, yeah, if I had kept doing Earworm Wednesday lo these many months, it would have been the same post every time, more or less.

But if you DO listen to the album and want to talk about it, hit me up. I would love nothing more!

Just don’t get your hopes up about actually SEEING the show any time soon. It’s sold out, and unless you have $1000 to drop on tickets, you’re out of luck. I only got to see it when I did because I knew it was written by the guy who created my other favourite musical, In the Heights – so I got tix as soon as I heard they were available.

I just didn’t know it would be SOOOO good or I would have bought a second set of tix then and there!

Whats in YOUR ear today?


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