Earworm Wednesday

This one is a bit obscure.

I was in the shower and I realized I had a song in my head but I couldn’t quite place it. Thankfully, it was pretty pronounced and also thankfully I had a snippet of lyrics that I could keep singing over and over in my head.

I knew a quick internet search of the lyric would get me the result, but I was in the shower – hardly the most connected place to be – so I persevered.

I also knew it was someone with a distinct voice, but my mind kept throwing up a blind, telling me it was Crowded House. That was clearly wrong, but my brain can be insistent. So I just kept powering through.

In the end, I actually had to sing it out loud to break my mental block: it was Rufus Wainwright’s Grey Gardens, from his Poses album.

Weird. Hardly my favourite Rufus song, nor one that I’ve listened to recently at all.

Wonder where that came from?!

What’s in you ear this morning?


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