You can only cinch your pants so much before they start to pucker and you need to replace them. .

You can only cinch your pants so much before they start to pucker and you need to replace them.

Summer is beer season.


This year, I made a commitment to myself. I decided I was going to drop a few pounds. And to do that, I decided to cut out desserts and also to (mostly) cut out alcohol.

I’ve been at this for about a month. Cutting out desserts has been easier than expected. And while I do miss chocolate something fierce, I have found that coffee makes a good substitute.

As for booze, I’ve cut way back, primarily limiting my beer intake. I can treat myself to scotch or bourbon if I have a craving. And red wine happens once in a while too, but I’ve been pretty good about the beer thing.

It’s not the easiest time to make this commitment though. Summer is beer season. Patios and beer just go so well together!

But I’ve been pretty much beer-free since the beginning of May. I splurged recently with a visit to the newly opened Craft Beer Market at Lansdowne, but otherwise, I’ve been on the wagon.

It’s difficult at times, but I’m encouraged by the results. I’ve lost about 7-10 pounds (depending when I weigh myself) and my waist size is shrinking.

And there’s the problem: now I’m at an uncomfortable, between-sizes waistline!

I buy most of my clothes through an online retailer. They ship me clothes whenever I ask and I pay for what I keep. It’s been a system that has worked out well for me because their clothes fit me consistently well and I hate actually going shopping.

Trouble is, they deal in even-numbered waistlines only.

For years, their size 34 has fit me to a T. But now the 34’s I own are too big for me. I can cinch things up with a belt but that doesn’t look so hot. I’d start buying a size smaller, but the 32’s are still too tight for me.

So my options are to go to a shopping centre and buy a few pairs of 33’s to tide me over while I keep aiming for a 32, or to stick with the 34’s I have and resolve myself to the fact that my shirts will come untucked on a regular basis until I drop a few more pounds.

It’s a conundrum.

Hopefully my resolve doesn’t waver and in a few more months I can start requesting 32’s. Not pleased with the notion of buying a new wardrobe, but I am happy about slimming down, what with cottage time coming soon.

And it’s only trousers that I‘ll need to replace – not my entire closet.


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