Earworm Wednesday

I’m in the process of collapsing my CD collection. Not the whole thing – just my pop music CDs. I want to keep them, but they certainly don’t need to be on display, so I’m putting the discs and artwork into sleeves and discarding the cases.

Anyway, in going through this process, I have come across a few CDs that I had forgotten even existed. One of those is “The Divine Comedy” by Milla Jovovich. While’s she’s best known as an actress, she did release an album of music in the mid-90s that was actually quite good.

This process gave me the chance to revisit the album and I even ripped it to mp3 format – something I have resisted doing with my CD collection just because it would take SOOOO much time (and memory).

Anyway, since I found the CD about a week ago, her song “Charlie” has been cropping up as my earwrorm quite regularly.


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