This is not weight loss isn't quite this pronounced. But I'm still feeling like a champion, even if I've only lost two pants sizes!

This is not me…my weight loss isn’t quite this pronounced. But I’m still feeling like a champion, even if I’ve only lost two pants sizes!

Earlier this week I was feeling particularly frustrated by my wardrobe. Following several days at work of constantly having to re-tuck my shirt, I had had enough. My trousers were all too big, and cinching with a belt just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

I decided to chance it and headed online to my favourite online retailer (F&O) to order myself two pairs of size 32 pants – as a test case.

I knew it was a risk. I had bought a pair of size-32 walking shorts from Costco that still don’t fit me comfortably. (I consider them motivational.) But I also felt like the size 34 trousers I owned from F&O were AT LEAST two sizes too big.

I was hopeful that F&O makes their waistlines a little more generous than the shorts manufacturer. And besides – I could always return them.

Two days later they arrived, and as I pulled them on last night, they fit beautifully! Snug in all the right places and comfortable where it counts. I was overjoyed!

Thank goodness the days of cinching up are coming to an end.

Of course I can’t afford to replace all my trousers at once, so there will still be some frustrating days ahead.

I still haven’t reached my goal weight, but I’m getting close. Of course, I also have a cottage getaway coming up soon. We’ll see how many pounds I gain back when chips and beer are plentiful and I don’t have work to occupy my days.


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