Let's be honest: THIS is what I'm reading next, even though I'd prefer fiction.

Let’s be honest: THIS is what I’m reading next, even though I’d prefer fiction.

Having just finished a novel, I find myself in a sweet position: savouring the short time BETWEEN novels when I consider what the next book is going to be.

I love this period. It’s a moment to reflect on what mood I’m in and consider the thousands of possibilities out there for my next read.

I’m kind of a slow reader, so this is actually something I need to consider carefully. Reading time is a luxury for me, and I’ll only get to read so many books before I die – fewer than most people BECAUSE I’m so slow. So it’s important to choose wisely.

Do I pick something short and sweet so I can get another title on my bookshelf in short order? Do I look for a multi-novel epic that will take me forever to finish but that might be incredibly rewarding? Do I want something light and funny or something dramatic and serious? Or do I go for SciFi? Fantasy?

I might even re-read an old favourite!

Oh, this is such a great feeling. But there’s a problem this time.

I have another book that needs to get read – a book about Italy that I’m using to plan a trip coming up later this year. Rather than picking out another lovely piece of fiction, I really should be spending any spare reading time devouring that Lonely Planet guidebook and plotting out an itinerary.

Travel planning is such a downer. I love to travel, but I really hate doing the homework.

I know it’s absolutely necessary to making sure the trip comes off without a hitch, but when I have a world of fiction out there to read, the prospect of digesting a travelogue is not exactly inspiring.

Ugh…I so want to procrastinate right now.

Oh well, I can still start in on a short-list for my next novel, even if I don’t get to crack the spine just yet.


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  1. fingers crossed for a need for me to read that this year 🙂

  2. I’m sure Italy will not disappoint. Have a good one 🙂

  3. […] time = reading time, so while in day-to-day life I may be stuck behind my unfinished Italy tour books, I had free reign to pick up a novel (or two) while I was relaxing last week on the shores of […]

  4. […] I COULD have followed up a Handmaid’s Tale with something light and Breezy. I COULD have started re-reading the Harry Potter series. I COULD have just gone and read about Italy. […]

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