I’ve never bothered to look up anything about the sculpture that stands on the Elgin-street side of the Ottawa Courthouse, but given it’s location, I just always assumed it was a simple representation of a court scene.

In my mind, the two figures in front represent a plaintiff and defendant. The two figures behind them represent their advocates, and the remaining figures are the Judge and the 12 jury members.

Such a literal representation is not generally to my artistic taste, but this sculpture still stands as a personal favorite.

I like the placement at the courthouse, and the hierarchical arrangement of characters. I like the simplicity of the design – metal poles with round stones atop making a crude representation of human figures. I like the mixture of natural elements (stones) with processed natural elements (worked metal).

The sculpture feels clean and ordered, but maybe I like it because it’s still abstract enough to leave room for interpretation.

I like to record my own interpretation of a piece before I do any research, to see if I’m way off base or not. Once I got around to researching this, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it’s yet another piece by Bruce Garner; clearly I like this artist’s work.

I’ve already written about his sculpture ‘Joy’ (one of my absolute favorites) and his work featuring a grizzly bear hunting salmon.

I need to check out more of his works, and it turns out there is plenty more in Ottawa. Thankfully another blogger has set out this handy-dandy cycling tour of Garner’s works in the city.

The one in front of the Ottawa Courthouse is called ‘Due Process.’ My search didn’t turn up any sort of artist’s statement, but with a name like that, surely my interpretation can’t be that far off.


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  1. ottawavelo says:

    Yes, Bruce’s sculptures are great! Beautiful photos btw. As ‘Due Process’ and ‘Joy’ are two of your favourites I think you might like ‘Ulysses’ on the University of Ottawa campus, directions to which can be found on the second bike tour of Bruce’s sculptures found here: https://ottawavelooutaouais.com/2013/05/07/bruce-garner-a-bicycle-tour-of-his-sculptures-part-2/

  2. I love it, Ron! Good to know about other local works by the same artist.

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