The Simpsons telly show jumped the shark years ago.

Both Mel and I were devotees of the show for ages. In fact, I used to record every episode on VHS and store them for future viewing. That got unwieldy and I stopped after 8 or 9 seasons, but it's a testament to my love for the show. It's also a testament to the drop in quality that I never started collecting the DVDs when they came out. And that I taped over or tossed my collection long ago

The show started it's downhill slide by Season 8, and now it's just dismal. We held out as long as we could, but this season (what is it, 17? 18?) we finally called it quits. We removed the season pass from our Tivo. Ashes to ashes.

It was sad. I should have liked to see it through 'til the end, but it's just such a waste of time now. It might offer one good laugh in a half hour episode. Which is probably why it took us so long to see the Simpsons Movie. I can't say I'm sad we waited.

The film was okay, but it could have been so much better. Had they made it around season 4 or 5, when the show was at its peak, it probably would have been one of the funniest animated films of all time. As it stands, it improved on the current state of the TV series — it at least had a single coherent plot rather than a mishmash of ideas, like the show — but it still pales in comparison to the best seasons. It was just a blip for this fading franchise.

Worst thing is, the producers are in denial about the show's prospects. Last time I read an interview from Matt Groening, he said something to the effect of, "We have tons of great stories for the Simpsons, so there's no reason to call it quits anytime soon." Bullshit! The sooner you put it to rest, the better. It's just sad now.

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