I’ve pretty much decided that, if you don’t like Singin’ in the Rain, you might as well give up hope of ever liking a movie musical.

I went to see this classic with some girlfriends at our local Cineplex a few weeks ago (it was playing for $5!) and I was reminded once more of just how charming and engaging it is.

SitR has it all:

  • Catchy songs – The first time I watched it, I was surprised at just how much of the soundtrack I was already familiar with,
  • Intelligent Humour – both subtle and slapstick; Donald O’Connor’s Make’em Laugh routine is a classic in itself! There was a young girl at the screening we saw and she just belly-laughed through that whole routine. Her joy was infectious.
  • Wonderful Dance Routines – Gene Kelly was a genius, and his dancing is just so light and effortless.
  • Fantastical Sets – particularly during the final extended modern ballet sequence – which kind of derails the story, but is oh-so-stunning to watch. When you see the veil dance, you’ll know.
  • Colourful Costume Design – I want posters of the models in the Beautiful Girls  number (start watching at 2:10)…And I’m not even into fashion!
  • A Corny Love Story – not a highlight per se, but if you’re looking for the epitome of musicals, it has to have a corny love story.

Admittedly, SitR is not my favorite movie musical – I have too much history with The Sound of Music for it to be deposed from that particular throne – but it’s definitely one I could watch again and again.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    This is one I have never seen…..hmmmmm……now I have to see it!

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Very Highly recommended. And the boys should watch the “Make’em Laugh” scene.

      • jandjsmum says:

        The boys watch Sound of Music at Christmas and they really seemed to enjoy it….at least the start (like we used to)- by the time “Climb Every Mountain” came on though, they were lost- and honestly, II still really dont like that song……anyways, I will have them watch that scene when I get the movie rented.

  2. calmyourbeans says:

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