Last night, in preparation to watch this week’s episode of Glee, Junkii and I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We had both seen it before, but neither of us really remembered much of it, so we thought a refresher was in order.

What a terrible movie. I know I know – it’s not meant to be watched alone. And Yeah, I can see why it’s so popular with the cult showings. It would definitely be fun to make fun of. (We should really go to a screening at the Mayfair Theatre one of these years). But to watch it on your own, well, it’s pretty dismal. A few good songs, but little else to recommend it.

Then on my way to work today, I listened to a “Who Did it Better” version of the Coverville podcast – a show that pits two covers against one another and asks listeners to vote for their favorite. Well, didn’t they decide to dedicate this week’s episode to RHPS – specifically the first song from the movie: Science Fiction Double Feature.

So that’s what’s in my head today. Not the best song from the show, but not bad.


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  1. jandjsmum says:

    Great minds must think alike…..but for me my earworm is the Time Warp

    • RoC(k)r says:

      I saw that. Have you actually been to a screening? Good for you. I have been to a screening, but not at a theatre- it was at an outdoor film fest. It didn’t feel as intimate as I figure a theatre screening would. I want to try going to see it at the Mayfair.

  2. Jason says:

    He he….The Rocky Horror Picture Show is actually a horrible movie, but its still remains one of my favorites, the thing is, its meant to be watched in a theatre, with full on,audience participation….
    I myself have seen it about 27x in the theatre, and we used to dress as well…
    The film will always have very good memories for me.

    • RoC(k)r says:

      Yeah… it’s weird. After seeing it, I was convinced it was bad, but I’ve had trouble getting it out of my head since then. And I’m thinking a midnight screening will be in order when I next spy an opportunity. Something i should experience at least once, right?

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